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Red Oppo Find 5 shown off in photos, said to be limited edition model Jun 15th 2013, 14:20
Red Oppo Find 5 rearAfter coming to market in the same white and black paint jobs that we see many smartphones in, it appears that the Oppo Find 5 has gone and covered itself a third, more colorful coat. Chinese site CNMO has apparently gotten hold of a red version of the Find 5 that is said to be a limited edition model. The red Find 5 is said to be the same as the white and black versions, both in terms of looks and specs, meaning that it packs a 5-inch 1080p display, quad-core processor, 13-megapixel rear camera and Android 4.1 Jelly Bean.

It’s always nice to have multiple color options when considering a new smartphone purchase, and while there’s nothing wrong with those options being black and white, I can appreciate when manufacturers offer their hardware in a color that’s a bit more uncommon. Unfortunately for anyone that’s already whipped out their wallet and readied their credit card (just like I did after seeing these images), there’s no word yet on when or where this red Find 5 might be released. You can bet that I’ll give you a shout once more details come out, but until then it looks like we’ll just have to settle for ogling the device in photos. You can find a shot of the red Find 5’s face below, with many more unboxing images available over at CNMO.

Red Oppo Find 5 front

Via Engadget, CNMO


The Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S4 Active should have been one device Jun 15th 2013, 12:00
It seems like it is one step forward and two steps back when it comes to Samsung and part of their Galaxy S4 line; in recent news we learn that the waterproof, dustproof Samsung Galaxy S 4 Active will be released in the U.S. as an AT&T exclusive. Just when it seemed like Samsung was finally starting to understand how much most consumers despised carrier exclusives, they take a step backwards and falls back on the same song and dance when it comes to the Galaxy S4 Active.

This only slightly irritates me as I was considering the Galaxy S4 Active as part of my line-up, because I had assumed that Samsung was done with carrier exclusives. Silly me!

But aside from my own personal problems with the decision, I find it interesting that Samsung decided to make the Galaxy S4 Active a carrier exclusive in the first place. In my opinion, it has a highly desired design that could be considered useful to anybody. It’s a phone that has built-in protection against elements that are known to be a problem for many electronics, and phones are no exception. I think the Galaxy S4 Active could have sold rather well on any carrier.

But I think it could have sold even better if the features that give it the “Active” name were included in the original Galaxy S4.

I’m not a person that spends a lot of time outside; a walk here, a jog there, going to the park a couple of times a week… technically the Active isn’t marketed towards people like me at all. But the fact that the Active can take a beating (and a dunking) makes it a perfect candidate for just about anybody. In my case, it’s the perfect candidate for a parent whose toddler enjoys testing out how long things can float in the sink. It’s perfect for the customer I once saw heading into the Sprint store I worked at with her smartphone out in front of her while there was a massive downpour, who had no hesitation telling me that her phone was acting up (I’m going to go with ‘liquid damage’ for 500). It’s perfect for the Bad Luck Brian who just happened to drop his smartphone in the only puddle that can be found in miles. You never know when your phone is going to meet an unpleasant fate by falling into an undisclosed amount of liquid.

In short, the features of the Galaxy S4 Active are features that everybody could use. It’s being marketed as a niche product when it’s really not. The Galaxy S4 Mini is a niche product for people who like small phones; the Galaxy S4 Zoom is a niche product for people that want a great camera on the back of their phone. The Galaxy S4 Active is a product that helps prevent everyday dangers that every phone ever made is at risk of encountering on a daily basis. The Active should have had its features implemented into the original Galaxy S4 in the first place.

We can see with the Sony Xperia Z that implementing a 13-megapixel camera into a device that’s waterproof and dustproof isn’t impossible. And depending on how you feel about AMOLED display, I’m sure it wouldn’t have been too hard to figure that into such a device as well. Not to mention that by combining the Galaxy S4 with the Galaxy S4 Active, the company doesn’t look like it’s milking the S4 name for all it’s worth… as much.

I’m starting to see it as a missed opportunity for Samsung. Waterproofing and dustproofing phones are actual useful features that help protect the device and help to make it last longer. I would sacrifice how thin a device is for a little more heft and protection to ensure that my device can last through all the “oopses” in life – but there are a couple of other features that the Galaxy S4 Active is missing out on that makes me question why Samsung decided to take the route that it did. I would like to think that waterproofing and dustproofing the Galaxy S4, which is available on all four major carriers, would have boosted the sales even more.

Readers, what do you think about the Galaxy S4 and the Galaxy S4 Active being separate devices? Would you have sacrificed how thin the Galaxy S4 is in order to have the phone waterproof and dustproof, or do you prefer to have the two devices stay separate? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

Images via Redmond Pie, Android Guys


Verizon’s Pantech Marauder set to receive Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean update Jun 15th 2013, 06:20
Pantech Marauder Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean updateHow would you Pantech Marauder owners like a shiny new software update? Good, because that’s precisely what you’re getting. Verizon has revealed that it and Pantech have crafted an update for the Marauder that’ll bring the device up to S910LVWD533F.D1.

This update is pretty beefy, packing in a bump up to Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean as well as features like app message previews in the notification panel, a messaging widget, Face Unlock improvements and an updated Settings Menu structure that’ll offer better categorizing. The full (and lengthy) update changelog as posted by Verizon is available at the bottom of this post.

Verizon says that this update weighs in at a hefty 245.5MB, which is understandable considering all of the improvements that are included. The Marauder may be an entry-level device, but it’s good to see Pantech and Verizon treating it to such a big update, especially since it finally brings the QWERTY slider up to Jelly Bean. Verizon hasn’t made any official announcements regarding this update and its rollout, but stay tuned and we’ll give you a shout if it does.


  • Status Bar of the Notification Panel has been changed. Users can preview the application messages directly.


  • Google+ button is provided with a list of attendees when user made event from Google+. It allows user to jump to Google+ and view detail event.


  • Auto suggestion function has been added to Dialer Widget.
  • User can access to edit the saved picture directly for a contact.
  • Messaging widget has been added to the widgets list.
  • User can easily view widgets from home screen by dragging up widget bar.


  • Add multiple Exchange email accounts with the same email ID
  • Switch seamlessly between navigation audio announcements on Bluetooth and Device Speaker
  • Use standalone navigation or Google services without receiving the prompt ‘VZ Navigator services need to be enabled’
  • Deselect sync categories when adding a new Gmail account via Gmail tile or Settings
  • Delete and sync contacts simultaneously when using the Device Contact App


  • Settings Menu Tree has been updated
  • Starter Mode Dialer Widget
  • Search for a contact by name quickly
  • Add a contact to speed dial for fast access and calling
  • Whole widgets are now viewable in the expanded Widget tray interface
  • Editable function now added on the launcher bar in starter mode through Screen Shots
  • Preview application messages directly without opening apps within Screen Shots
  • Access and edit saved pictures directly
  • Added Place on Home screen option
  • Messaging widget
  • Google Now


  • Sign of Life is now visible immediately when you power on the device
  • Face Unlock functions better with added delay in the camera module opening
  • Password unlock error no longer appears when the phone restarts and Pantech Keyboard default setting
  • Your custom APN will now provision and remain as default within your custom private network without the need for repeated TS
  • Power Dialog UI has been revised
  • Settings Menu structure for better categorizing
  • Help Tip for Starter Mode Launcher
  • Swap positions of Voicemail and People icons in Starter Mode


  • Shortcut layout of Favorite panel changed in Starter Mode
  • Notification Panel changed when reviewing the Status Bar with screen shots

Via Android Police, Verizon Wireless