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In unsurprising news, ‘Arrested Development’ traffic skyrocketed this weekend May 28th 2013, 19:56
The Bluth family’s return was a big boon for Netflix. While the show might have some early criticisms, the years-long anticipation of a comeback was enough to send us all to stream the show this weekend.Media files:
arrested-development-wallpaper-arrested-development-812320_1280_1024-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

L.A. Noire devs form new indie, Intuitive Game Studios May 28th 2013, 19:26
Former Team Bondi developers Alex Carlyle and Kelly Baigent for Intuitive Game Studios, a Sydney-based indie. There’s no word yet on what the studio is working on, but Carlyle intends to build his initial team using contractors.Media files:
intuitive-game-studios-site-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Bell Labs boosts Internet connections to 400 Gbps using noise-canceling tech May 28th 2013, 19:11
By sending two beams of light (rather than just one) down a fiber optic cable, which cancels out noise in the signal, Dr. Liu and his team were able to move data at 400 Gbps – 400 times the speed of Google Fiber.Media files:
why-are-one-third-of-americans-turning-their-backs-on-high-speed-internet-header-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Henrik Fisker – having his cake and eating it, too – wants to buy back sinking Fisker Automotive May 28th 2013, 18:15
Now that VL Automotive and Chinese auto parts maker Wanxiang have shown interest in the remnants of Fisker Automotive, company co-founder Henrik Fisker wants the company back. We say: too late, toots.Media files:
fisker-karmas-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Stormtrooper cosplayer enters train station after anonymous murder tweet, things get weird May 28th 2013, 17:53
A man dressed in a Stormtrooper outfit walks into a public train station in Japan right around the same time an anonymous tweeter threatened mass murder at that very station. Spoiler alert: He wasn’t the murderer cops were looking for.Media files:
stormtrooper-mistaken-for-murderer-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

‘Curiosity – What’s Inside the Cube?’ opens, turns one gamer into a god May 28th 2013, 17:45
Peter Molyneux’s experimental, cooperative game comprised of billions of cublets has finally been opened. And the person that reached the center first will be a god in Molyneux’s next game.Media files:
curiosity-7-100×100-c.png (image/png)

You’ve heard of online dating, but what about online divorcing? May 28th 2013, 17:45
A new service called Wevorce wants to take divorce to the Web in order to streamline the process and drive down some of the costs. Hey, if you can find love online, why not … divorce?Media files:
divorce-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Thanks Twitter, but here’s everything that’s wrong with your two-factor authentication set-up May 28th 2013, 17:20
After a string of attacks on Twitter, the social network launched two-factor authentication, but is it enough?Media files:
twitter-two-step-security-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

There, there, Clarkson: Aston Martin video teases new limited-run V12 Vantage May 28th 2013, 17:15
When Aston Martin unveiled the V12 Vantage, Jeremy Clarkson of Top Gear predicted it’d be the last of its kind. Either to prove him wrong or to keep his hopes afloat, Aston has teased a limited-run version of the now discontinued V12 Vantage.Media files:
aston-martin-v12-vantage-teaser-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

How to convert AVI to DVD format May 28th 2013, 16:50
So you’ve got a movie in AVI format, but you want to put it on a disc so you can watch it through your DVD player. In this article, we offer up a dead simple tutorial on how to convert AVI to DVD – no matter what operating system you’re using.Media files:
screen-shot-2013-05-08-at-1-35-27-pm-100×100-c.png (image/png)

The Digital Self: Tomorrow’s politicians are ruining their online reputations today May 28th 2013, 16:15
Anthony Weiner was forced to resign from the U.S. House of Representatives after a woman outed his habit of sending penis pictures via Twitter and email. But get ready – he might be the first, but he certainly won’t be the last politician who asks us to forgive online indiscretion.Media files:
anthony-weiner-online-politics-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Anonymous steps into Kaitlyn Hunt story May 28th 2013, 15:59
Internet collective Anonymous has, again, gotten involved in attempting to right a social wrong with the release of a statement about the ongoing prosecution by Indian River County authorities of a Florida teen for having a younger girlfriend.Media files:
kaitlyn_hunt-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Netflix to double exclusive original series in 2014 May 28th 2013, 14:50
If you’ve enjoyed original series on Netflix, including this weekend’s Arrested Development: Good news. The company’s CEO says there might be twice as much content on the way for next year.Media files:
netflix_logo-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Vizio rolls out ‘faster and smarter’ M-Series LED TVs nationwide May 28th 2013, 14:03
Vizio has announced a nationwide rollout of its new line of M-Series Razor LED Smart TVs ranging from 32- to 80-inch models, which the company says are faster and smarter, along with sporting some of the thinnest bezels on the market.Media files:
vizio-m-series-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

2014 Mercedes E-class range to offer some S-class tech and safety features May 28th 2013, 13:15
Mercedes-Benz will offer many of the new high-tech features on the S-class that goes on sale this fall on the new 2014 E-class range as part of an aggressive effort to boost the brand’s technology offerings across its full line-up.Media files:
2014-mercedes-benz-e-class-306-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

LG says no Nexus 5 and no to flexible screen smartphones this year May 28th 2013, 13:00
In a recent interview, an LG vice president has covered a lot of things the company won’t be doing anytime soon, including building another Nexus phone, and releasing a smartphone with a flexible screen.Media files:
lg-optimus-g-pro-black-front-camera-macro-angle-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Google Maps rolls out biking directions for more European countries May 28th 2013, 10:45
Google first introduced biking directions to Maps in 2010, making it easy for cyclists to discover more scenic, quieter and safer routes. The company on Monday expanded the feature by rolling out new data for more cycle routes in several European countries.Media files:
cyclist-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

QR codes to the rescue! Mercedes-Benz to stick codes on cars to help save crash victims May 28th 2013, 10:15
Mercedes-Benz vehicles will soon be fitted with QR codes which link to rescue sheets that provide firefighters and paramedics with important information about the car’s layout, enabling them to reach trapped car crash victims quickly and safely.Media files:
new-mercedes-benz-grille-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

White Nexus 4 is official, but still no 4G LTE May 28th 2013, 09:32
LG has announced the forthcoming availability of the white Nexus 4, which will start shipping at the end of May in some markets. But sadly, the only difference between it and the black model is the color.Media files:
lg-nexus-4-white-official-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Firefox OS tablet in the works? Mozilla and Foxconn set to unveil new device June 3 May 28th 2013, 09:15
Firefox OS creatorr Mozilla and manufacturing titan Foxconn have reportedly joined forces, with a Firefox OS device – rumored to be a tablet – set to be unveiled at a special event in Taiwan next week.Media files:
firefox-os-4-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Lenovo CEO talks up plans for U.S. smartphone launch in next 12 months May 28th 2013, 08:51
Lenovo’s CEO has talked about his plans for bringing Lenovo-branded smartphones to the U.S., something which he would like to do in the next 12 months; but does the company have the recognition it needs to challenge the big names?Media files:
lenovo-logo-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Fuse review: All firepower, little flash May 28th 2013, 07:16
In ‘Fuse,’ Insomniac Games delivers an uneven experience that leans heavily on tactically varied combat while overlooking the importance of building in the hooks necessary to invest players in a newly created fictional universe.Media files:
fuse-preview-3-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

EMBRACE+, the wristband that glows when you get texts, notifications May 28th 2013, 03:00
Perhaps ideal for anyone that’s constantly checking their phone at home or work, the EMBRACE+ wristband uses glowing colors to indicate what type of notification was just pushed to your smartphone.Media files:
embrace-wristband-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

3D printed device saves baby’s life May 28th 2013, 02:38
Prepare to drop all cynicism towards 3D printers. A child suffering a rare diseased was saved when surgeons and engineers built an all-new device thanks to the powers of 3D printing.Media files:
kaiba-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

VIDEO: Tiny Renault Twin’Run concept mid-engined hatchback could pack big power May 28th 2013, 00:15
The mid-mounted 3.5-liter V6 and racing graphics have us opening our wallets, but this feisty French hatchback is just a concept.Media files:
renault-twinrun-20_1035-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Search like a spy with these tips from a declassified NSA document May 28th 2013, 00:15
Following a recent FOIA request, the National Security Agency’s previously confidential guide to internet research has been released to the publicMedia files:
declassified-document-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

GM’s big OnStar profits could help drive development of even more high-tech features May 27th 2013, 23:15
GM’s aggressive move to expand its telematics offering when it comes to its OnStar unit is driving steady profits for the automaker as well as some nice technology features for consumers. But what does the future hold for GM when it come to car technology?Media files:
ar-305279958-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Google Hangouts brings universal chat to Google … as well as these privacy problems May 27th 2013, 21:15
Google is rightfully developing its services to better serve their growing public, but some of the instant messaging updates they did are questionable.Media files:
hangouts-100×100-c.png (image/png)

How to take a screenshot on a Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3, Note 2, or other Android device May 27th 2013, 20:25
Having trouble taking a screenshot on your Android phone? Our guide to snapping a picture of your screen should make things much easier.Media files:
android-screenshot-capture-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

You can’t nap behind the wheel yet, but Infiniti’s JX35 gets us closer than ever May 27th 2013, 20:15
I’m not one to get excited over SUVs, regardless of how much “sport,” “utility,” and “vehicle” they claim to have. That also goes for luxury, er … sorry, “luxury” models. And before I jumped into one, my perception of the 2013 Infiniti JX35 was no different. But when my four-wheeled office arrived last week – […]Media files:
2013-infinity-jx35-exterior-motion-front-right-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)