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Trion Worlds’ massively multiplayer ‘Rift’ goes free-to-play in June 2013 May 14th 2013, 19:45
Trion Worlds’ Rift is the latest MMO to go free-to-play as microtransactions continue to prove effective as a business model. The game’s design director says gameplay balance is still of the utmost importance.Media files:
rift-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Samsung Galaxy S4 problems and potential solutions May 14th 2013, 19:45
Samsung’s latest flagship release is a whole lot of phone, but nobody’s perfect. Join us for a look at what people are complaining about, as we dive into the murky waters of Galaxy S4 problems, and aim to surface clutching pearls of wisdom to help you solve them.Media files:
samsung-galaxy-s4-polycarbonate-body-macro-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Beats Mixr headphones go neon, exclusively at Target May 14th 2013, 19:38
The Beats by Dr. Dre line of headphones will see a new set of five neon colors hit Target stores exclusively until June 2, where they’ll be available from other retailers afterward.Media files:
beats-mixr-neon-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Add a 5-megapixel camera module to your Raspberry Pi for $25 May 14th 2013, 19:30
Forget about emulating retro games or managing your bike’s headlight. This official camera from the Raspberry Pi Foundation can help your Model A or B mini-computer capture 5-megapixel stills and 1080p videos at up to 30 fps.Media files:
raspberry-pi-camera-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Want to own John Lennon’s Ferrari 330GT? You’ll get your chance at a Ticket to Ride this summer May 14th 2013, 19:15
Having just passed his driving test in 1965, London car dealers swamped Lennon’s house and from the lot, he chose the Ferrari 330GT. If you have £220,000 to spare, this piece of motoring and music history could be yours.Media files:
john-lennons-ferrari-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Eurotrash-styled 350hp Nissan 370Z NISMO to run in the go-slow 2013 Gumball 3000 Rally May 14th 2013, 19:15
With 350 horsepower and a revised chassis and suspension, the 370Z NISMO will make go at the 2013 Gumball 3000 Rally later this month piloted by – if we’re honest – a couple of Eurotrash chuckleheads.Media files:
nissan-370z-nismo-gumball-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Aereo to launch in Atlanta on June 17 May 14th 2013, 18:46
Aereo announced today that Atlanta will be next to have access to the company’s streaming live TV service when it goes live on June 17 for customers who pre-register, followed by a general rollout on June 24.Media files:
atlanta-aereo-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Microsoft exec confirms Windows Blue will be a free upgrade called Windows 8.1 May 14th 2013, 18:46
We can all stop calling Microsoft’s upcoming operating system Windows Blue now that Tami Reller, the CMO and CFO of Microsoft’s Windows Division, confirmed that its official name will be Windows 8.1. You’ll be able to take the OS for a spin when the preview launches June 26.Media files:
twitter-windows-8-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Deadpool game makes sweet, beautiful music with Nolan North and Daniel Way May 14th 2013, 18:45
We take High Moon Studios’ upcoming Deadpool game for a spin and find plenty to enjoy in the straightforward beat ’em up gameplay, sharp writing from Daniel Way, and blisteringly funny voice acting from Nolan North.Media files:
deadpoolscreen_bathroombreak-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Facebook cuts off Social Roulette, app with 1-in-6 chance of killing your Facebook account May 14th 2013, 18:30
Social Roulette is a risky game with a 1-in-6 chance of having your Facebook account deleted, but Facebook has cut off the app’s access to Facebook’s API. But worry not: The team is trying to bring a workaround back so you, too, can get the final push you need to get rid of Facebook.Media files:
social-roulette-logo-100×100-c.png (image/png)

No ordinary Camry: 1967 Toyota 2000GT sells for $1.16 million at auction May 14th 2013, 18:15
Toyota’s first performance car, the 2000GT was just as unbelievable in 1967 as the Lexus LFA is today.Media files:
000-1967-toyota-2000gt-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

‘Video Games: The Movie’ seeks Kickstarter funding to finish off production May 14th 2013, 17:55
Mediajuice Studios and director Jeremy Snead bring ‘Video Games: The Movie’ to Kickstarter seeking $60,000 in crowdfunded support to finish off the final bits of production and post-production work.Media files:
video-games-the-movie-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Nokia’s Lumia 925 looks beautiful, but we’ve seen it twice already May 14th 2013, 17:45
Nokia’s Lumia 925 maybe newly announced, but it’s not an entirely “new” phone, as we’ve seen something very similar from Nokia twice before. Will a tweaked camera and a new design equal more sales?Media files:
lumia-925-smart-camera-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Infiniti to launch new hybrid halo vehicle based on Emerge-E and Essence concept, hope to lure in ‘little emperors’ May 14th 2013, 17:15
Infiniti’s plan to develop a high-tech halo vehicle based on the Emerge-e and Essence concept cars could prove pivotal in positioning the luxury brand in the future.Media files:
iinfiniti-emerg-e-concept-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Vine gets its first brand partnership with Charlie Brown and Snoopy May 14th 2013, 17:08
Khao Phan, a growing Vine “star,” is part of the Peanuts gang after being hired to create 12 Vines for Peanuts Worldwide. It’s the first official partnership Vine has inked since launching a mere 100 days ago.Media files:
peanuts-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Microsoft now lets you Gchat with your friends on Outlook.com and SkyDrive.com May 14th 2013, 17:04
Yes, you read that right. Microsoft is adding Google Talk to Outlook.com, SkyDrive.com, Calendar, and your People contact list so you can Gchat your friends without leaving its services.Media files:
outlook_requestpermission_500x383-jpg-550×0-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Windows 8 Start menu apps showdown: What’s the best way to get your Start menu back? May 14th 2013, 16:45
Microsoft tried to kill the start menu – and failed. Third-party developers have resurrected it with a hoard of Windows 8 start menu replacements. Which is best? We’ve tested three popular options to find out.Media files:
windows8reviver-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Cisco study: Many car buyers and owners will trade away really personal data to save money, avoid salespeople May 14th 2013, 16:30
Buying a car tends to rank pretty low on people’s lists of favorite experiences, but can tech improve it?Media files:
cisco-study-header-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Watch out WhatsApp, BlackBerry Messenger is headed to iOS and Android this summer May 14th 2013, 16:18
BlackBerry will release a BBM application for iOS and Android device this summer, bringing its popular messaging app to other platforms for free, and for the first time.Media files:
bbm-message-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Nvidia Shield pre-orders open May 20, ships in June 2013 May 14th 2013, 16:02
Nvidia opens advance pre-orders for the Android-powered Project Shield portable gaming device, with general pre-orders to kick off on May 20 and shipments to follow the next month in June 2013.Media files:
nvidia-project-shield-front-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Philips Hue update adds IFTTT logic, geofencing, and smoother color transitions May 14th 2013, 15:20
The Philips Hue smart lighting system gets smarter with the latest iOS update, which brings If This Then That logic, geofencing, and more scene and alarm settings. Android and Kindle updates will follow by the month’s end.Media files:
philips-hue-version-1-1-update-100×100-c.png (image/png)

BlackBerry 10.1 update coming soon for the Z10, will be pre-installed on the BlackBerry Q10 May 14th 2013, 15:00
The BlackBerry 10.1 software update is about to arrive for the BlackBerry Z10, while it will come pre-installed on the new BlackBerry Q10 phone. New features include a new notification system, and an HDR mode for the camera.Media files:
blackberry-10-os-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

The BlackBerry Q5 is official, all set for release in July May 14th 2013, 14:16
BlackBerry has announced its third BlackBerry 10 device, the BlackBerry Q5. As the name suggests, it’s a QWERTY-equipped phone, but is designed for emerging markets and most likely, will have a lower cost than the BlackBerry Q10.Media files:
blackberry-q5-colors-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Amazon buys Samsung’s Liquavista display subsidiary, hints of possible new Kindle tech May 14th 2013, 12:15
Amazon confirms it has taken over Liquavista from Samsung. Liquavista, which makes electrowetting displays that are low powered, viewable in various lighting conditions, and flexible, could develop new screens for future Kindles.Media files:
samsung-5-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Atari’s Breakout celebrates 37th birthday on Google’s image search May 14th 2013, 12:01
Google celebrates the 37th birthday of Atari’s classic game Breakout with a playable transformation of its image search feature. Read on for a look back at the series of events that led to its creation by Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak.Media files:
atari-breakout-google-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

The future of air travel doesn’t need pilots May 14th 2013, 12:00
Imagine getting on a plane and hearing an announcement that your pilot for the flight was going to be absent. A successful test flight for a drone system of passenger planes suggests that we may one day have pilotless planes.Media files:
astraea-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

‘Welcome to Sandition’ webisodes let viewers decide the fate of unfinished Austen novel May 14th 2013, 11:15
Following the successful “Lizzie Bennet Diaries,” that webseries’ creators are at it again with a new series based on a Jane Austen creation – But this time, viewers will be invited to do what Austen couldn’t: Finish the story.Media files:
sanditon-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Nokia reveals the Lumia 925 at London event, and it’s coming to T-Mobile soon (Updated) May 14th 2013, 09:32
At its highly anticipated launch event in London, Nokia has revealed the Lumia 925, a Windows Phone 8 device with a metal band around the chassis and an updated 8.7-megapixel camera.Media files:
nokia-lumia-925-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Kwikset Kevo unlocks the front door with a single touch May 14th 2013, 09:15
Using technology to develop a more convenient way of entering your home, the Kwikset Kevo is a new type of lock that communicates with an iPhone using a proximity sensor in order to unlock the front door.Media files:
kevo-touch-to-open-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

First Jolla smartphone will be revealed on May 20, could it be a QWERTY-slider? May 14th 2013, 08:28
Jolla has confirmed it will be holding a launch event for its first Sailfish OS phone on May 20, and has released a brief teaser video, which could – depending on how you look at it – drop the hint we could see a device with a physical keyboard.Media files:
nokia-n950-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)