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Mobile game publisher GREE reportedly begins lay offs May 13th 2013, 20:07
The Japanese game company laid off 25 staff last year when it closed the mobile social platform OpenFeint, but it’s unknown what the cause of these layoffs is. A statement obtained from GREE by GamesIndustry is vague in its explanation.Media files:
modern-war-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Can you avoid jerks by using the Twitter ‘Hate Map?’ May 13th 2013, 19:22
Researchers made a Twitter “Hate Map” to show where the most hateful tweets come from – but while the map certainly helps us get a visual on the issue, alas we’ve yet to pinpoint a solution.Media files:
screen-shot-2013-05-13-at-1-10-14-pm-100×100-c.png (image/png)

More Windows Blue rumors surface: Charms menu gets more mouse-friendly, may be free May 13th 2013, 18:23
Besides the Start button and boot-to-Desktop feature, other changes that may be coming to Blue include making the Charms menu more accessible, adding built-in tutorials, and giving this update to Win8 users for free.Media files:
windows_8_blue_650-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Metro: Last Light review – When the world ends, the story begins May 13th 2013, 18:22
After surviving the fall of THQ, 4A Games’ Metro: Last Light finds a new home with Deep Silver. But the change in publisher hasn’t changed the feel of the series, and the expertly crafted narrative holds up.Media files:
metro-last-light-review-3-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Tim Schafer wants to get the rights to all his games under one roof May 13th 2013, 18:17
The famed game designer revealed to Game Informer that he’s trying to gain the rights to ‘Stacking,’ ‘Costume Quest,’ ‘Brutal Legend,’ and ‘Iron Brigade,’ properties that he developed but that other companies own distribution rights for.Media files:
brutal-legend-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Schumacher vs. Mercedes AMG on the Nurburgring Nordschleife circuit May 13th 2013, 18:15
Mercedes is giving its road-going cars a bit of a fighting chance with staggered starting times. If it all goes according to plan, the five Mercedes cars should cross the finish line at the same time.Media files:
mercedes-sls-black-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Turns out Instagram food porn isn’t only annoying, it can land you in prison May 13th 2013, 17:39
Morton’s steak is well worth savoring – and bragging about – with an Instagram photo, but it’s not worth going to jail over. But that’s exactly what happened to an identity thief who couldn’t help showing off his dinner.Media files:
mortons-steak-photo-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

2015 Porsche Katana compact CUV: The car we wish Porsche would build May 13th 2013, 17:15
We think Porsche should build a compact CUV based upon the Cayman. We’re calling this imaginary CUV the Katana and we think it’d be the epitome of everything a modern motoring enthusiast wants and needs in a single vehicle.Media files:
porsche-cayman-cuv-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Samsung tests super fast 10 Gigabit 5G wireless speeds, coming in 2020 May 13th 2013, 17:09
Samsung announced on Monday that it had successfully tested its 5G network, expected by 2020, with 10 Gigabits per second uploads and downloads. They’re not alone in the 5G field, either.Media files:
samsung-logo-4-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Media Streamer Showdown: PlayStation 3 versus Xbox 360 May 13th 2013, 17:00
Interested in adding a gaming console as a dedicated media streaming device in your home theater? Check out our breakdown of the PlayStation 3 versus the Xbox 360 for streaming video off services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Instant Video.Media files:
xbox-360-ps3-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Is the one-off Lamborghini Egoista the next Batmobile? It better be… May 13th 2013, 16:15
To celebrate its 50th anniversary, Lamborghini created the wondrous Egoista. Powered by a 600-horsepower 5.2-liter V10, the Egoista is perhaps the ultimate one-seater hypercar.Media files:
lamborghini_egoista_three_quarter_front_view-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Bill Gates on Steve Jobs: His sense of design made “phenomenal products” possible May 13th 2013, 15:58
Microsoft founder Bill Gates has spoken about his relationship with the late Steve Jobs. During an interview with Charlie Rose for 60 Minutes, Gates commented on how Microsoft and Apple differed, and talked about one of his last meetings with Jobs.Media files:
bill-gates-and-steve-jobs-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

GM engineer goes 900 miles on a single tank in a Chevy Cruze Diesel – but not on B20 biodiesel May 13th 2013, 15:30
The Cruze Diesel is rated to achieve 717 miles per gallon but one GM engineer achieved 900. Recently, biofuel enthusiasts thanked GM for allowing the Cruze to burn B20 biodiesel.Media files:
chevrolet-cruze-diesel-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Why Facebook redesigns feel so annoying May 13th 2013, 15:15
The majority of us will see Facebook as a version of their online homes – our conversations, memories, media, and friends all live within this virtual space. Which is all the reasons why Facebook updates feel so invasive.Media files:
facebook-update-in-real-life-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Second time’s the charm? Notion Ink is back with the Adam 2 tablet May 13th 2013, 14:30
The second generation of the Notion Ink Adam appears to be real and might even be inexpensive. Can the team that tried and failed so spectacularly before deliver a tablet that people will love or at least like?Media files:
adamii-03-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

New carrier Zact hopes to take the evil out of smartphone data plans May 13th 2013, 13:52
Zact takes the sticker shock out of upgrading from feature phones to smartphones by allowing customers to design a wireless plan based on their exact needs — including no data, no voice, or no texts — for a low price.Media files:
zact05-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Android boss warns Google I/O will focus more on developers and less on consumers May 13th 2013, 13:32
Google’s head of Android has said in an interview that this year’s Google I/O conference will be different to previous events, as it will concentrate more on developers than consumers, indicating product launches will be few and far between.Media files:
google-io-2013-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Newt Gingrich has never heard of a smartphone May 13th 2013, 13:22
Politician in “Really Puzzled,” shocker! Former Presidential candidate Newt Gingrich, 69, has spoken out about his confusion over what to call his cell phone. While sources say several names have already been vetoed, including “Gary,” it’s “Handbrain” that’s currently topping the polls.Media files:
newt-gingrich-iphone-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Sony announces ‘Digital Paper’: Ultra-thin, 13.3-inch flexible e-reader for universities May 13th 2013, 13:00
Sony’s delving into the education side of things with its new ‘Digital Paper’ flexible e-reader. Though currently a prototype, the 13.3-inch E ink device is intended for use at universities. With an included stylus, the device is designed for textbook reading and note taking.Media files:
sony_digital_paper_sony_japan-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Google Play Games nods to Game Center with in-game chat, achievements, cloud saves, and more May 13th 2013, 12:28
A peek into the latest Google Play Services APK reveals that Android will soon support features like achievements, game chat, cloud saves, leaderboards, and more. This so-called Google Play Games appears to be an answer to services like Apple’s own Game Center.Media files:
googleplaylogo-01-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Apple has a lengthy waiting list for police requests to unlock iPhones May 13th 2013, 12:15
Authorities ask Apple to decrypt their devices for ongoing investigations so often that the company has had to create a waiting list for police, federal agencies, and other ongoing investigations, according to newly available documents.Media files:
apple-12-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

YouTube confirms subscription model, and here’s what you’ll need to pay to see May 13th 2013, 11:15
YouTube has launched its long-awaited paid subscription model, with more than 50 channels offering premium content for anywhere between 99 cents and eight dollars a month. But will even Sesame Street make you sign up?Media files:
youtube-14-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Inside the world of vapers, the subculture that might save smokers’ lives May 13th 2013, 10:15
Much has been written about the unknown health effects of electronic cigarettes, an increasingly popular gadget alternative to smoking. Far less has been said about the people who actually use them. Welcome to the world of vapers, and all that goes with it.Media files:
vapefest-2013-e-cigarette-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Not even fish have any privacy anymore! Sony’s new Xperia ZR can shoot HD video underwater (Updated) May 13th 2013, 08:36
Sony has announced the quad-core, 4.6-inch Xperia ZR, a cousin of the excellent, but slightly larger Xperia Z; which thanks to its waterproof shell can shoot HD video underwater.Media files:
sony-xperia-zr-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

ABC to start streaming live programming to mobile devices this week May 13th 2013, 08:15
Definitely a move to combat the potential popularity of start-up Aereo, ABC announced a new application that will stream live television to both Web and mobile users. However, it’s limited to premium TV subscribers.Media files:
watch-abc-on-ipad-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Review: Hey stud, forget the Lamborghini, AMG’s SLS GT is the gentleman’s sportscar May 13th 2013, 00:15
Now, before we go dismissing this car as not exciting enough to justify the sticker price, hold your horses. Because it’s worth every penny.Media files:
mercedes_benz-sls-amg-roadster-front-left-angle-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Best product key finders: How to find that missing software license for free May 12th 2013, 22:53
Missing product key getting you down? We’ve chosen the best product key finders out there so you can locate and document all those precious keys for all your registration needs.Media files:
product-key-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Worst app of the week: iFart Mobile makes flatulence cost you May 12th 2013, 20:36
No one wants to admit a fart is funny, but we’re all guilty at laughing at them. iFart Mobile is shameless in its flatulence and charges you to hear noises that you can product for free, making it the worst app of the week.Media files:
screen-shot-2013-05-12-at-4-28-12-pm-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Timehop now lets you peruse your past photos on Dropbox May 12th 2013, 20:18
Timehop, a virtual time capsule app available for iOS, released an update to its software that now allows users to connect it to their Dropbox accounts. It joins the app’s current partners: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Foursquare, and Flickr.Media files:
timehop-642×451-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)