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Miss Netiquette’s Guide to Romance on Social Networks May 11th 2013, 18:15
Social media can be a tricky thing to navigate and no one has written the rules on codes of conduct. We’re here to help you with best practices for sites Web-wide, and the includes the dos and don’ts of digital dating.Media files:
miss-netiquette-guide-to-romance-on-social-networks-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Forget Mr. Clean: Our tips to spring cleaning and speeding up your PC May 11th 2013, 17:15
Spring has sprung and it’s time to clean up your computer. Cleaning both the inside and outside will make it run efficiently and help extend the life of its physical components. From cleaning the hardware to tidying up the software, we’ll help you get your PC in tip-top shape.Media files:
cleaner1-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

How ‘Borderlands 2′s’ newest character came to be, and the birth of “nipple salad” May 11th 2013, 15:15
We sit down with Gearbox Software’s Paul Hellquist, creative director on Borderlands 2, and Anthony Burch, writer on Borderlands 2, to chat about Krieg, the newly added downloadable Vault Hunter.Media files:
paul-hellquist-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

This week in Facebook news May 11th 2013, 14:15
In this week’s Facebook news, Facebook adds more emojis, courts Waze, and finds out how many of your are friends with your mom.Media files:
fb-news-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

VIDEO: MINI Cooper hits the water in Philly, then the magic happens May 11th 2013, 14:15
MINI Cooper’s weekend appearance at Philadelphia’s Schuylkill River festivities might not earn it a car of the year award. But it could wind up pulling down a boating title.Media files:
1898119402247695396-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Will Fisker’s floundering leave early Karma buyers running on empty? May 11th 2013, 10:15
As Fisker fires most of its workforce and faces an uncertain future, Karma owners are left wondering how they’ll continue to drive their $90,000 cars. As it turns out, it might not be as grim as it looks.Media files:
fisker-floundering-header-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Twitter’s Mother’s Day PSA: Get the f*$# off of Twitter this Sunday May 11th 2013, 01:15
If there’s one day of the year that you should stay off of Twitter, Twitter says that Mother’s Day is it.Media files:
happy-mothers-day-twitter-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Google Glass + Cadillac CTS-V + Monticello Motor Club = Snore fest May 11th 2013, 00:32
Google Glass must hinder visibility because the Fox host couldn’t drive the 556 horsepower CTS-V over 55 on “one of America’s longest and most challenging racetracks.”Media files:
fox-google-glass-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

3D-printed gun schematics surface on BitTorrent after takedown order May 10th 2013, 23:26
Just five days after the world’s first 3D-printed gun schematics were made available to the public, the US State Department has ordered they be taken down. But putting the genie back in the bottle may not be so easy.Media files:
cody_wilson_3d_printed_gun-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut review – drinking down prettier, but still weird coffee May 10th 2013, 23:18
The exceptionally weird, bizarre, and unique ‘Deadly Premonition’ leaves the Xbox 360 behind and is reborn on the PS3 thanks to a Director’s Cut that fixes most of (but not all) the problems of the original.Media files:
d-prem-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Mitsubishi is so confident it solved its stinky PHEV battery issues, it doubles production May 10th 2013, 23:15
The production of Mitsubishi’s latest car, the plug-in hybrid Outlander was recently halted for an overheating battery issue. The Japanese automaker has said it has fixed the issue and is doubling production.Media files:
mitsubishi-outlander-phev-3-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Relive racing glory with the Bentley Continental and Mulsanne Le Mans Limited Editions May 10th 2013, 23:15
The Le Mans Limited Edition models acknowledge Bentley’s six victories at the storied French endurance race.Media files:
bentley-le-mans-1_1035-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

DT Deals: Burn, convert, backup media with Nero 11 May 10th 2013, 22:15
Managing media can get overwhelming when you have a crapload of files. Today’s DT Deals is huge savings on the Windows software Nero 11 to help you backup and burn your files with ease.Media files:
nero-11-dt-deals-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

The next big thing in medicine? Live-tweeting and Vining surgeries May 10th 2013, 21:45
In the UK’s first live Vine-recorded surgery, Spire Bushey Hospital live-tweeted a hip dysplasia surgery step-by-step without sparing important details.Media files:
vine-tweet-surgery-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Borderlands 2′s most psychotic villain is playable as the delightfully badass Krieg May 10th 2013, 21:32
Gearbox Software’s latest downloadable character for Borderlands 2, the psycho Krieg, is fun to play with his new gameplay wrinkles and focus on stats-based micromanagement. There is, however, the danger of burnout for those who have played the game multiple times.Media files:
borderlands-2-krieg-1-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Nvidia exec says Tegra 4 will power Windows RT tablets May 10th 2013, 21:19
Nvidia’s vice president of computing products, Rene Haas, told investors on a quarterly call that next-generation Tegra 4 processors will power Windows RT devices.Media files:
windows-rt-tab_dt-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

‘Ride The Future Tour’ aims to set three EV Guinness World Records, will take 43 days to do it May 10th 2013, 21:15
Designed to break three Guinness World Records, the Ride The Future Tour will travel nearly 3,000 miles in 43 days all without gasoline. If you think this sounds like a media-grabbing stunt, you’re probably right.Media files:
nissan-leaf-charging-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Backup your photos to Amazon! Cloud Drive Photos for iOS is here with automatic uploads May 10th 2013, 20:52
Building on its Cloud Drive business, Amazon released a new app that will make it easy for iPhone users to automatically sync their photos to the cloud, putting it into competition with the likes of Apple, Dropbox, and Facebook.Media files:
amazon-cloud-drive-3-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Microsoft rumored to be making new streaming set top box May 10th 2013, 20:51
Always seemingly one step behind, the latest rumor has Microsoft looking to come to market with a new streaming set top box to compete with the likes of Apple TV, Roku and Boxee. It may also include Kinect and possibly something more with smart TVs.Media files:
xbox-video-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Google reveals 5-year roadmap detailing stronger account authentication May 10th 2013, 20:50
They might be a pain to get in to, but online accounts that are not easily hackable are the way to go in a world where social media and email accounts are hacked en masse. Google’s five-year security roadmap plans to create more ways to securely access accounts that require more than a simple password.Media files:
google-5-year-security-roadmap-100×100-c.png (image/png)

The Onion explains how it got hacked by the Syrian Electronic Army May 10th 2013, 20:45
The Onion wants the public to know how it momentarily lost control of its Twitter account to the Syrian Electronic Army and how it can be avoided later.Media files:
the-onion-web-series-600×369-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Sacrilege! Could Germany’s famous high-speed Autobahn roadways get a 75mph speed limit? May 10th 2013, 20:15
Although the Social Democratic Party has failed twice in attempt to have a speed limit imposed on Germany’s Autobahn, the fate of the group’s latest attempt will ultimately be decided by voters.Media files:
autobahn-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)