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Electronic Arts earnings call hints at E3 2013 lineupMay 8th 2013, 19:51
NBA Live for the PS4 and next-gen Xbox will be revealed at E3 alongside games in the Need for Speed, FIFA, Madden, and Battlefield series’, according to EA Labels boss Frank Gibeau.Media files:
nba-live-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Here’s the unofficial Facebook app for Google GlassMay 8th 2013, 19:45
Facebook hasn’t launched an app for Glass but third-party developer TesseractMobile has filled the demand, for now.
Media files:
facebook-glass-100×100-c.png (image/png)

‘The Wolf Among Us’ introduces gamers to the Fables universeMay 8th 2013, 19:16
Telltale Games released the first batch of screens today for The Wolf Among Us, the studio’s upcoming episodic adventure set in the Fables universe. We’ll share those screens with you here, but this write-up isn’t about the game. Not directly. There’s a very good reason that Telltale was drawn to Bill Willingham’s ongoing Fables comic book series as […]
Media files:
thewolfamongus_001_bigbyfight-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

EFI? DFI? Carburetors? Octane? Fuel systems explainer: Lighting the fire of internal combustion enginesMay 8th 2013, 19:15
In the beginning, there were horses and buggies (and buggy whip makers). Then, around 1860, some clever folks figured out that mixing oil-derived “gasoline” with air and stuffing both into a closed space and lighting it with a spark(plug) would result in a big BOOM. If contained, all that energy could drive a piston inside […]
Media files:
car-fuel-efficiency-fs-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

BangWithFriends goes mobile, so you can ‘bang’ on the goMay 8th 2013, 19:15
Everyone’s favorite hookup app is back with its Android and iOS apps. The release also brings a few new features, like the ability to unselect someone before they reciprocate your hookup desires as well as the choice to ask someone to “hang” first. You know, for the traditionalists out there.
Media files:
featured-5-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Roku now streaming full episodes on PBS, PBS Kids channelsMay 8th 2013, 18:50
Though it didn’t come quite as early as Roku had expected, the streaming media manufacturer and platform has now opened the door to full episodes on PBS and PBS Kids channels accessible on the company’s set top boxes.
Media files:
pbs-logo-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Starbucks is trying out wireless phone charging in Boston shopsMay 8th 2013, 18:35
The war for dominance in wireless charging between the Power Matters Alliance (PMA) and Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) may be drawing to a close, as Starbucks has begun to test PMA-approved charging stations in Boston.
Media files:
starbucks-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

SEAT shocks with sporty, 330hp VW Leon Cup Racer show carMay 8th 2013, 18:15
The SEAT Leon Cup Racer should fit in well with the other insane concept cars at the annual Worthersee Volkswagen festival.
Media files:
seat-leon-cup-racer-11_1035-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Sony to manufacture the PS3 in Brazil with specially localized gamesMay 8th 2013, 18:14
The PS3 is currently subject to high import tariffs in Brazil, but Sony announced that it will manufacture the console locally and sell it directly to Brazilians at a more affordable price. Sony hopes to boost the Brazilian games market.
Media files:
ps3-brazil-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Google Glass software update brings Google+ notificationsMay 8th 2013, 18:08
On Tuesday night, Google released the first software update for the lucky individuals chosen for the Explorer program, able to try out Google’s wearable headset before the rest of the world. Even if they had to pay handsomely for it.
Media files:
google-glasses-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Chromium code suggests OS X version of Google Now is comingMay 8th 2013, 18:05
If you like Google Now and own an Apple computer, you’ll love this new discovery found in hidden codes by a Chromium expert. The codes suggest implementing rich notifications on OS X, indicating the impending arrival of Google Now for Mac.
Media files:
card-appointment-100×100-c.png (image/png)

For a price, your ‘expired’ Snapchats can be brought back from the deadMay 8th 2013, 17:55
Are your Snapchats really inaccessible? New research finds traces of supposedly expired photos. A digital forensics company has found out how to do this and will be offering its services to anyone with a few hundred bucks and the burning desire to resurrect old snaps.
Media files:
android-snapchat-01-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Prepare your unborn child for its first selfie with this 3D ultrasound hologram printMay 8th 2013, 17:45
The obsession with taking photos of you and your friends begins early. Pioneer has developed a printing service that can produce 3D holograms of ultrasound scans – paving ways for a new wave of baby photos.
Media files:
3d-hologram-baby-pic-100×100-c.png (image/png)

EA kicks the hornet’s nest, plans to stop paying license fees for the rights to gunsMay 8th 2013, 17:31
EA won’t pay gun makers anymore to depict their weapons in video games, but it will still depict their weapons. The publisher believes it shouldn’t have to pay for that privilege anymore than authors pay to write the word ‘Colt.’
Media files:
ea-guns-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Babblr chat for Tumblr formally launches, and we’ve got the first hands-on lookMay 8th 2013, 17:16
Babblr, an unofficial Tumblr chat app, live streams its official release party and launches instant chat capabilities to Tumblr users worldwide. Now, chat can come to your very own Tumblrblog!
Media files:
babblr_2013-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Will your 2014 car be upgradeable 10 years from now? Microsoft zeroes in on the future with ‘intelligent car’ techMay 8th 2013, 17:15
Microsoft looks to build on its vehicle software development technology with more innovative operating systems focused on expanding a driver’s overall connectivity experience.
Media files:
microsoft-3-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Rule the world through tourism in ‘Civilization V’s’ “Brave New World”May 8th 2013, 17:14
Senior producer Dennis Shirk and lead programmer Ed Beach of Firaxis walk us through what’s new and what’s changed in Brave New World, the upcoming expansion pack for Civilization V.
Media files:
screenshot3-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

T-Mobile selling 600,000 new and used iPhone 5s each monthMay 8th 2013, 17:11
T-Mobile reported in a press release that, year over year, the total revenue for the company in Q1 dropped 7 percent. But its recent merger with MetroPCS, doing away with contracts, and allowing customers to use any phone they want may help it bounce back.
Media files:
t-mobile-iphone-5-1024×768-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Rumor: Google Maps ditching the sidebar, getting a new look at Google I/OMay 8th 2013, 17:05
Leaked screenshots of the updated Google Maps suggests that the classic sidebar will be giving way to cards and a full-screen map. Google Maps may also integrate with your Google+ network for recommendations.
Media files:
new-google-maps-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Watch out, the FTC says sneaky data brokers may illegally sell your dataMay 8th 2013, 16:30
Some data brokers are up to no good and the FTC has taken light action by sending them warning letters. While now penalties have been issued, this does mean that some of the outlets out there are doing illegal things with your data. Here’s what you need to know.
Media files:
digital-self-data-mem-5-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Will a spotless inbox really supercharge your productivity?May 8th 2013, 16:20
Inbox Zero forces you to deal with every email immediately in the quest for peace of mind and productivity. But does it work? I put it to use to find out.
Media files:
spotless-inbox-header-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

VIDEOS: Carmakers crank up ad campaigns beyond simple commercials with branded digital contentMay 8th 2013, 16:15
With a growing number of consumers turning to mobile digital devices for entertainment, carmakers have started developing more branded content to reach potential car buyers. But does it work?
Media files:
zachary-quinto-star-trek-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Rumor: Sharp will start display production for ‘next’ iPhone in JuneMay 8th 2013, 15:44
The specifics of the fabled iPhone 5S have yet to be determined, but a Japan-based report says the production of the display is set to start next month. Sharp is said to be taking the helm on this one and production is set to start in June.
Media files:
iphone-5-18-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Go back to the future with the Else Splay launcher for Android, a glimpse of what could have been in 2009May 8th 2013, 15:01
As a timely reminder of how tough it is to break into the smartphone market, the OS from stillborn a 2009 smartphone project called First Else has been released as a launcher for Android.
Media files:
else-splay-ui-xperia-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Verizon may offer an extra $100 off iPhone 5May 8th 2013, 14:57
According to a rumor, Verizon may begin to offer iPhone 5s to its customers for an additional $100 off. The supposed sale could be an indication that the iPhone 5S is close to hitting the market.
Media files:
sprint-iphone-5-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

This wall-climbing Spider-Man robot has a serious case of sticky feetMay 8th 2013, 14:55
Science may not have managed to create a real-life Spider-Man just yet, but it’s working on the next best thing: A robot that can climb up walls simply by heating and cooling its meltible adhesive feet.
Media files:
spider-bot-2-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

Rumor: Samsung working on a new Galaxy S4 model with fancier cameraMay 8th 2013, 14:03
Samsung is reportedly working on a new version of the Samsung Galaxy S4, which may be made available this summer. The new model is going to have a better camera and optical zoom capabilities.
Media files:
kf5nesfshz-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

LG to announce a new phone on May 30, looks like yet another Optimus G ProMay 8th 2013, 13:43
LG has called a press conference for May 30 in Macau, China. While we want it to be for the rumored Optimus G2, it doesn’t look like it’s the case, and is probably for a local version of the repeatedly announced Optimus G Pro.
Media files:
lg-may-30-event-invitation-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)

A battle of the Internet ages: #Followateen versus #FollowanadultMay 8th 2013, 12:45
Twitter is home to many wars, but the latest pits adults versus teens in an epic tweet-off game of who can look worse on the platform. It’s escalated to a point of self-deprecation, and there are many lesson from this epic battle.
Media files:
twitter-fight-100×100-c.png (image/png)

Nokia pits Lumia 928 against iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 in low-light video camera showdownMay 8th 2013, 11:15
As it edges towards the unveiling of its Lumia 928 handset, Nokia has posted a video on its teaser site comparing the 928’s low-light video capabilities with those of the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3. Guess which one comes out on top….Media files:
lumia-928-video-comparison-100×100-c.jpg (image/png)